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WinFeed at Universities

WinFeed at Universities

Teaching Tool

Due to the facts that the Demo version

is completely free
is fully functional
and never expires
WinFeed is the first choice as a teaching tool at Universities and other educational institutes.

How does it work ?

The WinFeed demo version is fully functional except that

It cannot handle more than 20 Ingredients and 20 Nutrients
It does not support hard copy printing or data exporting functions
Just for class room teaching and lab practical a limit of 20 ingredients or 20 nutrients is more than sufficient. Students prepare their assignments using free demo version and submit their resultant formulas either through email or on a floppy disk. Teachers buy a copy of the full version that is used
To print out students’ formulas
To demonstrate blocked functions to students

If you want to make your “Feed Store Files (Feedstuff Composition Database)” available to your students, we can also put them on WinFeed web site without any additional cost. Your students will be able to download them any time.

Students at WinFeed training in the class room

Students learning WinFeed in the class room

This Website Designed By: MJSteadfast