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Update 2.8.4

This is a comulative update for “WinFeed 2.83”. It contains one bug fix. Once applied, it will convert “WinFeed 2.83” into “WinFeed 2.84”. You may not need this update. Please read following instructions before installing this update.

Release Date

This update was released on 20th October, 2005.

Who should download

This update is applicable only if you have downloaded WinFeed 2.8 during the period from 7th September 2004 to 19th October 2005 or the name of the downloaded file was “winfeed283.exe”.
If you have downloaded any version before 7th September 2004, you need to download and install complete programme again.
If you have downloaded WinFeed 2.8 after 20th October 2005, you do not need this update.
Once this update has been applied you do not need to apply any previous update.


Save formula in MS Excel format function does not work.

How to Install

WinFeed 2.83 must already be installed before installing this update. It will not work if WinFeed 2.83 is not already installed.
Close WinFeed if it is running.

Download the update file “Update284.exe“.

Run the downloaded file and click on Install button on the first screen.
Click on Finish button on the last screen.
Start WinFeed normally.
This Website Designed By: MJSteadfast