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Least Cost Feed Formulation for Poultry

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Vice Chancellor
University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore
 In past, producers balanced rations by hand calculation, often using long tedious trial-and –error methods. But in the past two decades, industries have adapted computers to every conceivable task, and the feed industry is no exception. Today, computers are used to formulate rations utilizing a wide variety of feed. However, one must realize that this new computerized technology is a tool, which must be used wisely based on certain principles.Feed formulation is a process by which different feed ingredients are combined in a proportion necessary to provide the bird with proper amount of nutrients needed at a particular age/stage of production. It requires the knowledge about nutrients, feedstuffs and nutritional requirement of the birds in the development of nutritionally adequate rations that will be eaten in sufficient amounts to provide the level of production at a reasonable cost. The ration should be palatable and will not cause any serious digestive disturbance or toxic effects to the birds.Different classes of birds have different requirements for energy (carbohydrates and fats), proteins (amino acids), minerals and vitamins in order to maintain its various functions like growth, reproduction and egg production. Formulation of rations for poultry emphasizes the use of linear programming using a computer to derive the least-cost ration.
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