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WinFeed | The Cheapest Least Cost Feed Formulation Software


The Cheapest Least Cost Feed Formulation Software

World’s first “Stochastic” Feed Formulation Package

Why WinFeed ?

Easy to use software

for “Least Cost Feed Formulation”

Equally useful for

ruminants, non-ruminants, poultry, pets and fish etc

Works in Two Modes

Linear Mode

Stochastic Mode

Power to handle

unlimited number of Ingredients and Nutrients

On-screen editing facilities

attractive icons and user friendly menus

Improved user experience

and user friendly data management

Marginal price

Shadow Price and Cost Analysis

Friendly interface

for setting up nutrient ratios

Compatible with

MS Excel for data import and export

Graphical reports

based on pie charts and bar charts

One step synchronization

and update of previous formulas

Built-in utility to

calculate mean and SD for Stochastic formulation

Backward formula

analysis capability

Facility to prepare

mixing sheet for any batch size up to 1,000,000 Kg

Compatible with

Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and 2008

Especially customized

versions according to your requirements

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WinFeed at Universities

Teaching Tool

Due to the facts that the Demo version

is completely free
is fully functional
and never expires
WinFeed is the first choice as a teaching tool at Universities and other educational institutes.

How does it work ?

The WinFeed demo version is fully functional except that

It cannot handle more than 20 Ingredients and 20 Nutrients
It does not support hard copy printing or data exporting functions
Just for class room teaching and lab practical a limit of 20 ingredients or 20 nutrients is more than sufficient. Students prepare their assignments using free demo version and submit their resultant formulas either through email or on a floppy disk. Teachers buy a copy of the full version that is used
To print out students’ formulas
To demonstrate blocked functions to students

If you want to make your “Feed Store Files (Feedstuff Composition Database)” available to your students, we can also put them on WinFeed web site without any additional cost. Your students will be able to download them any time.

Students learning WinFeed in the class room

Click here to see student learning WinFeed in lab


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Full version costs only $100
Try demo version before you decide to buy full version

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What They’re Saying

Customer Reviews

(Dr. Csaba Szabo, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Kaposvar, Hungary)

At the University of Kaposvár, Faculty of Animal Science, Hungary, students are learning the basics of diet formulation in the course of Animal Nutrition 2 (BSc course) and 3 (MSc course). Until now we have used several software prepared for industrial application. Those software had several disadvantages: they were expensive, they had security functions which made inconvenient the use, they were DOS based and students could not use them outside the seminar room. WinFeed solved all these problems. The demo version is fully functional in respect of formulation and saving formulas, which makes it possible to use on any computer by students. They can hand in the requested formulas on disk or even sending them by E-mail. Students learned easily the handling of the software thanks to the well organized menu-system and windows.
The developing team of WinFeed, especially Mirza Y. Baig, were always open for suggestions and special requests. This attitude led to the version 2.8, which has reached the level of a professional software.

(Paul R Stahl, A hog farmer from Smokylake Alberta, Canada)

I have been working with feed formulation programs for 20 years and I have never come across a program like WinFeed. In today’s livestock market with highly unstable grain prices everyone has to reformulate every month. I am happy to say WinFeed is a useful tool to run a livestock operations smoothly. In today�s high-tech livestock operations it is nice to know that there are people like friendly staff at WinFeed to help us in every possible way. I recommend this great program to everybody in the livestock industry.

(Mujahid Shabab, Pakistan)

Winfeed is really an amazing and useful program.

(Duong Duy Dong, Nutritional Consultant, Vietnam)

I have installed the Winfeed onto my computer and used it without trouble. It seems a good demonstration for beginners in solving feed formulation problem. I am impressed on how simple and friendly user interface the program is.
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